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 Welcome to visit zhejiang yinfeng automation technology co., LTD., the company set research and development, sales integration of high-tech enterprises, providing non-standard spring machine, wire molding machine, model customized 
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Zhejiang yinfeng automation technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in CNC wire bending molding equipment and automation intelligent robot research and development, design, production, sales integration of high-tech enterprise, the company is located in zhejiang, China has always insisted that "science and technology innovation, quality first" management beliefs, both at home and abroad to lay a solid foundation, become well-known brand in China.

Zhejiang yinfeng automation technology co., ltd. is a servo CNC wire molding and bending equipment manufacturer in zhejiang province, a company that can produce 0.2-8mm wire diameter molding equipment, 3D seat frame molding machine 3-12mm equipment manufacturer, the company's automation equipment so the system and servo control are from sanyo, Japan...
It has more than 5,000 square meters of r & d and assembly workshops
Up to now, yinfeng has more than 15 invention patents and patent trademark certificates, and spends a lot of money on innovation and r&d every year
Precision cam-free and manipulator spring machinery
China no CAM spring machinery patent products
Product quality is the basis of our survival, do not lower the quality for the price
20 years of focus on no CAM spring machine, because of focus, so professional, strength and product industry recognized
Fast production speed! Faster than the traditional CAM more than 50%
Imported servo motor, tool drive more precise and stable
Can make all kinds of high - difficulty springs, one - time molding, fast
No CAM no rocker arm design adjusting machine speed than the traditional CAM machine more than 50% faster
Zhejiang yinfeng automation technology co., LTD. (formerly new wire bending molding factory), founded in 1992, the 2007-05-22 name changes yinfeng spring manufacturing co., LTD. Jinyun county of jinyun county yinfeng spring equipment manufacturing co., LTD., the 2015-08-13 name changes yinfeng spring equipment manufacturing co., LTD. Jinyun county of zhejiang yinfeng automation technology co., LTD., is a company specializing in the production of wire rod bending molding equipment manufacturers. At present, the main wire bending equipment: spring machine - cam-less spring machine and cam-less spring machine - different spring machine - spring press machine, 3DCNC wire forming machine - rotary wire forming machine - rotary head wire forming machine,2CNC wire forming machine - plane forming machine, spiral sleeve machine and other automatic equipment.
Industrial manufacturing industry
Aircraft industry
Automobile manufacturing industry
Computer industry
Yinfeng machinery  Brand technology  Innovation future
Yinfeng mechanical equipment working
Yinfeng mechanical equipment working
Yinfeng mechanical equipment working
Yinfeng mechanical equipment working
Yinfeng mechanical equipment working
Yinfeng mechanical equipment working
High speed

The rotation speed is up to 150 revolutions per minute
High speed warp speed/high precision
Fast wire feeding speed, 54950MM/Min
The speed of sliding seat is 400Cycle/Min
High safety

Wire feeder broken wire alarm
Safety door protection mechanism for the operator and the machine to provide all-round protection
Arm and belt brake motor to ensure production safety
Arm RGH heavy rail, long maintain accuracy, no deformation
High precision

Line feeding accuracy plus or minus 0.08mm
Sliding seat non-touch optical induction memory origin switch, accurate positioning, fast speed
Bending accuracy up to plus or minus 0.3-0.5 degrees
Core rotation accuracy up to plus or minus 0.1 degrees
High usability

The straightener has short stroke, easy to adjust the straight line, and can be straightened within 5 minutes
Knife seat installation and debugging, convenient, flexible and safe
14 axis hand wheel programming is more convenient
The wire rack is easier to operate
2006-05-22 Name change Jinyun County Yinfeng Spring Manufacturing Co., LTDAug. 13, 2015 Name change: Jinyun Yinfeng Spri...
As 2017 draws to a close, the industry has summarized the 2017 sales ranking. First: Yinfeng spring machine. Second: Swimming spring machine. Third: create spring machine
Jinyun County Yinfeng spring Manufacturing Co., LTD., renamed As Zhejiang Yinfeng Automation Technology Co., LTD., please identify the major network name of Zhejiang Yinfeng Automation Technology Co..
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